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Special Interest Tours with Serif Yenen & Specialist Associates

Serif is able to arrange special interest tours with specialist associates in his team. Among these are the following:

  • Istanbul sightseeing tours
  • Personalized city tours in Istanbul
  • Walking Tours with Spontaneous detours
  • Bespoke tours tailor-made for you
  • Off the beaten paths in Istanbul
  • Mix with locals and immerse into the local culture
  • Jewish Heritage Tours with Synagogue visits
  • Modern art tours to museums and art galleries, and Q&As with curators
  • Photography Tours with Photographers
  • Shopping Tours with Specialists
  • Grand Bazaar Tour with visits to the most interesting places and shops
  • Cross-continental Tours to the Asian Istanbul
  • Walking Tours with street food and public transportation in the Asian and/or European side of Istanbul
  • Cooking Classes with famous Chefs or regular people
  • Culinary – Gourmet (local delicacies) Tours
  • Wine Tasting Tours
  • Home-hosted meals with authentic Turkish families
  • Workshops on traditional arts, crafts, music, dances, etc.
  • Workshops with a whirling dervish and a sufi musician, with a Q&A session
  • Workshops on Ebru (Turkish Art of Marbling) with a Q&A session
  • Workshops on Calligraphy, Miniature Painting and Illumination with a Q&A session
  • Workshops on making and blowing the sufi music instrument, Ney (end-blown flute) with a Q&A session
  • Workshops on belly dancing with a Q&A session
  • Workshops on Turkish folk dancing with a Q&A session
  • Workshop on Turkish coffee and fortune telling
  • Tours for children or for families with children
  • Special Hamam (Turkish Bath) Sessions

Can’t decide where to go in Istanbul or Turkey? Would you like me to give you a call, so that we can discuss your itinerary? Please write me your phone number and about when you will be available, I will call you back.